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Lomi Smart Kitchen Waste Composter with Electric Compost Bin
Lomi Smart Kitchen Waste Composter with Electric Compost Bin

Food waste is gross. We can do better.
Lomi is a smarter way to deal with your trash.

Lomi can reduce your weekly trash by 50%. "This sleek countertop composter from Pela, turns scraps into soil with the push of a button.

Lomi is the answer we've all be waiting for. With the push of a button, Lomi uses it's patented technology to quickly and quietly turn your kitchen food waste and scraps into nutrient-rich dirt which you can add to your garden or plants. No more disgusting, leaky green-bin bags and no more foul odors.

Stop feeling guilty about your food waste.
Lomi helps you reduce your family's carbon footprint every single day. If we all do our part, it really adds up.

Maybe you live in an apartment building or area that doesn't use the green bin program. Or maybe you're sick of the awful smells and leaks from the green bin you've been using. Either way, Lomi is the perfect modern solution.

Be part of the solution
So much of what goes to landfill can actually be returned to the earth, in a more eco-friendly way.