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Lampe Berger, now Maison Berger Paris, has been a leader in the field of purifying and indoor fragrances since 1898. It uses a catalyst diffusion system that works by freshening and purifying the indoor air while at the same time diffusing subtle fragrances. Its clever combination of beautiful decorative lamps will no doubt suit even the most sophisticated taste! These lamps will most definitely fit into any style of home whether traditional or contemporary. When you order a Lampe Berger, you are not only buying an air purifying system, you are also buying an exquisite decorative piece.

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Maison Berger Paris Aroma Dream Mist Diffuser Set - Delicate Amber 317011 Maison Berger Paris Aroma Relax Mist Diffuser Set -  Oriental Comfort 317010 Maison Berger Paris Aroma Happy Mist Diffuser Set -  Aquatic Freshness 317009
Maison Berger Paris Aroma Energy Mist Diffuser Set - Sparkling Zest 317008 Lampe Berger Artichaut Amber 4625 Lampe Berger Artichaut Frosted 4623
Lampe Berger Artichaut Grey 4624 Lampe Berger Joyaux  De La Couronne 4527 Lampe Berger Originelle Black 4632
Lampe Berger Originelle Red 4631 Lampe Berger L'Originelle Clear 4444 Lampe Berger Tradition 4422
Lampe Berger Tradition 4422
Our Price: CAD$82.00
Lampe Berger London - Blanche / White 4334 Lampe Berger Arabesques 4392 Lampe Berger Maille- Noire / Stitch Black 4332
Lampe Berger Arabesques 4392
Our Price: CAD$80.00
Lampe Berger Sphere Frosted 4423 Lampe Berger Land Frosted Seinna 4721 Lampe Berger Land Frosted 4731
Lampe Berger Immersion Green 4672 Lampe Berger Immersion Grey 4671 Lampe Berger Immersion Clear 4670
Lampe Berger Galet Grey 4330 Lampe Berger Galet White 4328 Lampe Berger Resonnale Clear 4688
Lampe Berger Galet Grey 4330
Our Price: CAD$72.00
Lampe Berger Galet White 4328
Our Price: CAD$72.00
Lampe Berger Resonnace Violet 4687 Lampe Berger  Resonnace Red 4686 Lampe Berger Stone Frosted 4606
Lampe Berger Grey 4605 Lampe Berger Stone Black 4604 Lampe Berger Opera Blue 4655
Lampe Berger Grey 4605
Our Price: CAD$70.00
Lampe Berger Stone Black 4604
Our Price: CAD$70.00
Lampe Berger Opera Blue 4655
Our Price: CAD$69.00
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